Chronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionsita by Aven Ellis

Published October 9, 2014 by kerrysbookreviews

As a lover of chick-lit and all thngs girly, the draw for this book had the be the title.

Avery Andrews, fresh out of college and working as an assistant in a role she isn’t looking to make a permenant career is suprised when she is offered a role on a reality show documenting her daily life both at home and at work. Of course she jumps at the chance as she is tired of being labelled as a “fashionista looking for a husband”.

Deke is assigned as her videographer. This is chick lit, so of course this man is, as Avery would descirbe DPG (drop dead gorgeous) and of course things don’t go as smoothly as they should.

Avery is in love with another man. Deke is involved with another woman. Avery, although working for Premier Airlines, is afraid of flying, which alomst stops her from making a life-changing decision.

So, does the author hear the cries of chick-lit lovers across the land and create of happy ending for two equally loveable characters? Does Avery make that life changing decision? Well, I’m not going to spoil the surprise now am I? You’re just going to have to read it to find out for yourself. I will tell you I was NOT disappointed and look forward to reading more work from this author. So, now the evenings are turning longer and chillier, why not grab a cupppa and curl up on the sofa with this book. Make sure you lock the door and take the phone off the hook as you will not want to be disturbed. I finished this book in two evenings as I found it impossible to put down.


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